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Do you have a kitchen sink that doesn’t drain the water? It can be very frustrating when the kitchen gets flooded in the middle of you trying to clean a pile of utensils.

In essence, this is an emergency situation that requires you to be tactful in the way you handle it. However, before you call a qualified plumber, what are some of the things you can do to unclog a kitchen sink?

Here is how to unclog a kitchen sink:

Using Boiling Water

Unclogging a kitchen sink may be as simple as boiling water in a pot or kettle. It is important to remove the cold water from the sink using a small pot or mug. As soon as the sink is completely clear, pour the boiling water into it and wait. It is possible that the water will not start to move down the drain. If that happens, remove it and try again. Unclogging the drain may take a few repetitions on this process.

Unclogging the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal system could be the major culprit as far as the clogged kitchen sink is concerned. This can stop the drain from working as it should. If you suspect this to be the issue, try running the garbage disposal system until it clears. Make sure that it is running in the right manner.

Hot Salt Solution

Remove the standing water and pour some ½ a cup of a hot table salt solution down the drain. After sitting for a short while, flush down some hot water to remove the mixture.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Of course, you have to start by removing the standing water. Take a cup of baking soda and pour it into the drain. Follow it up with a similar amount of apple cider or white vinegar. The first thing you will notice is the bubbling of the solution. As soon as that stops, put the stopper in place and hold it for a quarter an hour. By running hot water, you should be able to check if the clog is clearing. Repeat if you have to.

Baking Soda and Salt

Sink clogs can find it hard to resist this combination. Mix baking soda and salt in the ratio of one cup to ½ a cup, respectively. Pour the mixture down the drain. Allow the mixture to sit for a few hours before flushing with boiling water. If this doesn’t work, repeat until you see results.


Do you have a household plunger? That is a run-to solution when all else cannot unclog your sink. Double sinks may require you to use a stopper or wet cloth to seal off the second side. Fill the sink you want to unclog with water to cover the plunger’s bell. With the plunger placed firmly over the drain, give it a vigorous plunge several times. As soon as the suction clears the clog, flush the drain using warm water.

If you want your sink to be unclogged satisfactorily, you must talk to us at Oakville plumbing services. We offer plumbing installation and repair services in Oakville Ontario and the surrounding areas.


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    How Do You Unclog A Kitchen Sink? – Oakville Plumbing Services | Plumber in Oakville Ontario

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