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You wake up one morning and the water heater isn’t working as it should. Taking a cold shower is something you wouldn’t like to fathom, especially when it happens due to an unexpected breakdown in the water heater.

If you live together with a number of housemates, it could be that the tank is not big enough to hold enough hot water for everyone. The solution to that could be as simple as replacing the tank with a bigger option.

It is also possible that one or two parts of the water heater aren’t working properly. The following are the likely reasons for the hot water to stop working:

Broken or Worn Out Heating Elements

Typically, the hot water tank is composed of an insulated tank used to store water which is then heated with a least one electric elements. It works just like an electric kettle while allowing the water to remain hot for longer. When the water is used, the tank refills with cold water for the elements to reheat it.

If you aren’t getting any hot water, it is likely that the heating elements are either worn or broken. The water in the tank will come out as cold as it came in.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The electric hot water system has a thermostat which instructs the elements when to get into action. It also monitors the temperature of the water.

A conventional electric water heater is composed of two elements and thermostats. The top element has its own thermostat as does the lower element. To coordinate the two elements, the system uses the top thermostat. It turns on the top element first followed by the lower element if the water is not as hot as should be.

A malfunctioning thermostat could be to blame for the failure to get hot water in your home. That should, therefore, be the first things to check.

Water Leaks

It is also highly likely that the shortage of hot water in your home is due to a leak in the hot water tanks or any of its pipes. Since leaks can be dangerous to handle, it is important that you call a qualified plumber to handle it.

Electrical Faults

If your electric hot water system is not working, it is highly likely that a fuse is blown out. Check if the main switch has tripped or has been switched off. The switch is usually labeled ‘hot water’ and if it is off, you may need to get an electrician to test if the circuit board is working properly. If the switch is turned on, call an electrician to help fix the blown fuse.

Aged or Dead Hot Water System

The hot water system is also likely to stop working due to old age. An aged hot water system usually has one or more worn out parts and is hard to repair. In fact, the lifespan of an electric hot water system is 10 years. While they may heat 15, they will be showing signs of failure long before that. It is, therefore important that you consider replacing an old hot water electric system.

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